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Better Business Networking  

Supporting business owners to succeed by accessing expert advice and meeting like-minded business owners. 
Could you benefit from some external business insights and an opportunity to discuss what is happening in the marketplace with other business owners? 
Our Better Business Networking events have been designed to assist businesses like yours to grow and develop despite the economic challenges that face us all. 
These events will be hosted by Victoria Moulds at The Engine Shed in Wetherby and there will be a topical presentation each month. There will be a number of guest speakers over the months. These events are a great opportunity to learn practical tips and gain ideas to assist your business. You will also meet like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs and make connections within the area. 
They start at 7.30 am with an informal light breakfast and networking before a speaker will present on topical subject. There will be time for discussion and further networking afterwards until 9 am. 

Our forthcoming events: 

13 September 2023 - How to grow your business and get it ready for sale 
Most business owners will only ever sell one business in their career, so how do you make sure that you get maximum value? To get maximum value the preparation starts often years in advance of actually wanting to sell. Find out how to approach the key steps of preparing your business before you put it on the market. Making sure you fix any potential issues before you start the sales process can help protect its value and ensure you get the highest price. Victoria Moulds will share with you valuable insights learned from supporting businesses that have sold up, including those who got a price greater than they dreamed possible and those who didn’t get the value they hoped to. 
Join us for an interactive session where we will discuss how to grow the business you want in order to sell it for maximum value when the time is right. Whether your goal is to sell in 5 or 10 years time, making sure you build the business up in the right way and put the right structure in place will ensure you achieve the best possible price. We will help you understand the sales process, what buyers look for and what actions that creates for you as a business owner today. 

11th October 2023 - Minimising risk and optimising brand success in the current business climate 

It can be hard work, as an entrepreneur, carrying all the risk on your shoulders. However, a strong brand can make decision-making easier. Your brand acts as a compass to help steer the ship. Essentially, branding is your organisation’s DNA and determines everything from behaviour to identity. This practical presentation will explore this. 
We know firsthand the strength a brand can provide and want to showcase this in a short presentation. Ensure your business is ready to react to the ever-changing, and increasingly cautious world. Together, we’ll look at effective, creative, shoestring tactics to design and promote your brand. Whether you’re a solopreneur, small business, or team player, we'll provide some quick wins you can take away and implement on the day. 

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