Virtual Back Office    

To get essential insights about your business you need good foundations. 
That means having accurate numbers and having your books up to date so you can make decisions about your business when you need to. 
Choosing to outsource your back office functions to an expert team means you are free to spend more time doing what you are good at, whilst being assured that your accounts are accurate and reliable. 
We can provide you with a bookkeeper, payroll specialist, management accountant and Finance Director meaning you get the specific support and results you are looking for without having to add to your own payroll. 
You get the benefit of a highly trained team without the difficulties or cost of recruiting, and managing, those people. Plus you have your entire finance team in one place, working together to get you accurate and quick insights into your business. 

The services we offer include:   

Back office light 
Bookkeeping & VAT 
Payroll services 
Back office extra 
Bookkeeping & VAT 
Management accounts (inc virtual meetings) 
Profitability review 
Payroll services 
Cashflow forecasting 
Back office bespoke 
Bookkeeping & VAT 
Cashflow forecasting 
Profitability analysis 
What if scenarios 
Payroll services 
Credit control 
Management accounts (inc virtual meetings) 

Virtual Finance Director 

Often it is only large businesses who have the budget to hire a finance director on their payroll; however, small and medium sized businesses can benefit from this expertise by hiring a part time finance director that they only pay for a day or two a month, depending on what they need. 
By hiring a part time FD you get the benefits without the headache of hiring and managing that person. We act as part time FD’s for businesses locally, where we spend time with them at their premises, and virtually when the client prefers or is farther away. 
With backgrounds in industry we have the benefit of actually having ran businesses ourselves meaning we understand the challenges a business owner faces, whether that is related to growth, people or finances. 

  The benefits of having a part time Finance Director include:   

We understand what it is like to run a business, through the good times and bad 
We have practical skill sets and are typically far more commercial than your usual accountant 
We can help support the business owner or Managing Director, becoming their trusted advisor 
We have been involved in a number of different businesses before so have a broad range of experience to bring to the table 
We can act as a sounding board for all key decisions in the business, offering advice and challenge where necessary 
We are more cost effective than employing someone, usually working on an agreed day rate for anywhere between 1 and 5 days a month. 
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