In today's ever changing business environment, business leaders face a unique set of challenges and opportunities. In most businesses there are limited resources so having a clear, concise one page business plan is crucial. One highly effective tool that business owners can use is the one-page plan. 
Here's why a one-page plan is essential and how it can benefit your business
it’s simple and clear – having your whole business strategy broken down into simple components makes it easier for you and your team to understand and follow. It also make progress against the plan easy to measure. 
focus – by putting everything you want to achieve on one page it makes you prioritise what really matters and helps keep everyone focused on the main objectives and strategies to drive results 
it’s quick to put together – formal and long form business plans often take a long time to prepare but a one page plan can be created quickly. This frees you up to spend more time executing your strategy and less time planning 
adaptability – it’s quick to prepare therefore it’s also quick to amend if you decide to change your strategy, or update it to reflect new changes in your business 
better decision making – a clear, concise plan provides a solid framework to make decisions on. You can quickly see what is working and what you need to spend more time on. 
goal setting & tracking – it highlights in short form your main goals and targets so you can easily track progress and measure if you’re hitting your targets or not. 
How do I create a one page plan? 
An effective one page plan has the following elements: 
mission statement 
vision statement 
strategies to achieve your objectives 
specific action plan and timelines 
metrics and KPI’s to measure success 
In summary, a one page plan is a powerful tool that drives both clarity and focus so you can better understand how your business is doing and what you need to do to improve and meet your objectives. 
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