Switching accountants is a big decision. You’ve been with them for years, they know your business well and you feel a sense of loyalty even if that is sometimes tested due to poor service. 
'36% of clients are dissatisfied and already shopping for another accounting firm. Businesses simply cannot afford any setbacks – especially where tax and compliance are concerned’. Source CCH Accounting, 2017. 

Here are our Top 7 reasons to switch accountants 

1) They are not proactive in saving you tax. 
This is the big one! The proactive accountant will constantly be looking for ways to save you tax. They don’t just fill in your tax return and say see you next year, they look for opportunities from both a business and personal perspective to ensure you pay less tax. If you do not meet with your accountant before the year end you are probably paying too much tax! 
2) They don’t understand your business. You don’t understand them. 
If your accountant doesn’t understand your business then it’s unlikely they’ll be able to provide commercial advice on how to increase your profits, or spot opportunities for your business to grow. Finding an accountant who provides advice in a straight forward and easy to understand way is vital. After all, if you cannot understand the numbers or advice then you probably won’t act on that advice. Trust is everything! 
3) They’re never available when you need them. 
Having to chase your accountant for your information because of a looming filing deadline is not where most business owners want to find themselves. With this type of relationship the numbers are also often too late to be of use. 
4) You get an expected tax bill ‘from the Tax man?’ 
If your accountant is close to your numbers then you should always know where you stand, leaving you enough time to plan for paying your tax. 
5) They always look over your results but never help you to plan for the future. 
You need someone who looks forward, not just back. How can you plan for the future if you don’t have your accountant on hand to help you forecast your results and plan for the future? 
6) They don’t stay up to date with the latest technology. 
You need your numbers in real time to help you make quick decisions about your business, so finding an accountant who uses Cloud Accounting Technology e.g. Xero will help you do this. 
7) You get unexpected fees and never quite know what they’re charging you for. 
Accountancy fees should always be transparent so you know where you stand. Having an accountant who lets you pay monthly helps ensure that you can manage your own cashflow. 
But how easy is it to switch accountants? 
We’ve all heard that it’s easy to switch when it comes to banks and energy accounts but how about with accountancy services? Well it really is easy. If you approached us to act as your new accountant we would first obtain your permission to contact your former accountant, then send them a professional clearance letter informing them you are moving and requesting all of your records. All you need to do is settle any outstanding account with them and you’re all done! 
Contact us or request a call back if you would like to discuss switching your account to us. 
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