Scammers and fraudsters have been around forever and being online is certainly no protection against people trying to separate you from your money 
Unfortunately scam e-mails are common-place these days but one particular scam always seems to pop up around this this time every year – HMRC fake e-mails
Everyone has received these fake messages from time to time and they usually read along the lines of “You’re owed £250 in tax. Contact us immediately to receive your money.” Of course the link supplied is bogus and you should report or delete this email as such. Usually these are easy to spot and just as easy to dismiss, however, lately we have been receiving more and more complaints from people receiving these messages and they’re becoming slightly more difficult to spot along the way. In fact, not only e-mails but also fake calls pretending to be from HMRC are becoming commonplace too. These can even make it look like it is coming from an official HMRC number
Recent forms of emails and letters have become more threatening than before, demanding immediate payment of VAT or Self-Assessment fines. It’s a problem for clients and accountants alike as any form of confusion over your finances is bound to cause stress. 
Don’t be caught out! 
At Moulds & Co Accountants we pride ourselves on ensuring our clients know exactly where they stand with their finances. We believe having a solid understanding of your money is the best way to see that money grow. As such, if you receive a letter from HMRC that you’re unsure about, our team will be happy to help. 
Before any other action, please contact a member of our team who will be able to confirm whether or not this letter needs dealing with or can be thrown away. If it needs to be dealt with then we’ll also help to explain why it arrived, what it means and how it can be avoided in the future. 
How we can help  
When it comes to your finances it’s better safe than sorry! At Moulds & Co Accountants we aim to keep you informed and in-turn, keep your finances secure. If you receive a letter from HMRC and want to speak to a member of our team then call us today on 01937 584188 to hear how we can help. 
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