Our Board View service is 21 years old. 
Our most successful clients take our Board View service. Either monthly or quarterly we meet with our Board View clients to review the current performance of the business. At the centre of the meeting sits the latest financial position, including the management accounts, cash flow, plans for the future. Standard stuff, I hear you say. But its more than that. 
Board View conversations will inevitably lead to team matters and we are a valuable sounding board for clients in this area. By the end of each meeting a wide range of important matters will have been discussed and some key decisions made. This helps reassure the client that they are on the right track with their decision making and that all decisions are financially sound. We are very much their financial partner and as time moves on our understanding of their business increases and the advice we add becomes more valuable. Is the advice appreciated? Well, our Board View clients are our longest serving clients. 
We have been running this service since we started the practice, 21 years ago, and it is how we differ from most other accountants. It is not just that we produce management accounts. Many other accountants claim to produce management accounts. We are different because we have the experience to really understand the clients business. We actually use the management accounts to explain what is working and what is not! These insights are backed up by our knowledge of other businesses in the same or similar sectors. The meeting is the most important part of Board View. To simply produce management accounts and send them in the post to a client is a waste of time. Accountability is achieved in the meeting. 
Board View decisions 
What kind of decisions might arise from a Board View meeting? Most recently we have advised clients to 
Increase their debt funding to assist with their business growth 
Collect their accounts receivable more efficiently and reduce stock levels. The wrong decisions were being made due to poor cash flow 
Take on board 2 new staff to assist with growth (the client could afford it but was being too cautious) 
Dismiss a staff member of 20 years standing who was now sabotaging growth 
These are just a few examples from recent Board View meetings. 
Board View is an excellent service with a great history of success and one which larger companies take for granted.  
If you would like to understand how this will work in your business please feel free to call me on 01937 584188 or email stephen@mouldsandco.com. Alternatively you can contact us via our website and we will call you back. 
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